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SpanishUno is a comprehensive software for learning Spanish and is considered
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8 December 2005

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Language education specialists and students, who are learning ‘Spanish’, always keep searching for an effective application that can ensure that they can accelerate their learning process. However, if you are yet to find any such suitable application that can comprehend various aspects of Spanish language, then try out the new SpanishUno 4.01. The utility is designed to support users in learning Spanish, and can ensure good command over written and spoken language. By Practicing with the application’s lessons and activities, you can quickly learn to effectively communicate in Spanish. You need to go through three distinct studying centers for improving upon Spanish while performing various exercises, in addition to keeping a check over your performance regularly. The application helps you to easily enhance your written and spoken skills in the language, while having fun with different games and exercises.

The SpanishUno 4.01 comprises of pleasing GUI with easily-usable feature-set. First you would have to log into the application to using its features. It consists of three studying centers; Mrs. Juanita’s Classroom, The Library, and Juan’s Gym. Mrs. Juanita’s Classroom presents several Spanish grammar lessons with each lessen including Voice files, links to access Juan’s Gym, and explanations in English. The Library is contains texts sorted under various topics like stories, Latin habits, riddles, recipes, jokes, slang, and many more are there. Every text is also accompanied by an Interactive Dictionary to support in grasping the actual meaning with ease. The third study center, Juan’s Gym, is for practicing the studies topics, and for the purpose you’re provided with several interactive exercises, dialogues with variety of situations, vocabulary games with large number of voice files and flash cards, verb conjugation games, numbers games, and more. Fill in the appropriate answer and you can learn while having fun.

SpanishUno 4.01 helps you in improving upon your skills in Spanish language, both in written and spoken form. Considering the impressive library, exercises and games, the application has been deservingly assigned with 4.5 rating points.

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SpanishUno is a comprehensive software for learning Spanish and is considered one of the most advanced of its kind.
SpanishUno is designed by language education specialists and offers a complete online Spanish Language Learning System.
SpanishUno will enable you to effectively communicate in Spanish and master both the spoken and written language. This is accomplished through a lot of interactive lessons and activities – all in a very simple, fun and user-friendly way.
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